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This is a plant that will give you a bit of early spring colour in your garden – Erysimum – or perennial wallflower to you and me.

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Erysimum are excellent little plants that flower for months with very little care. All you need do to keep it flowering and keep the flushes is pinch off any of the old flower heads once they’re spent. The one in the video is not spent but we’ll use it as a guinea pig!

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Flowering for months on end

They’ll keep flowering for months on end. Because they are a member of the Cabbage family, they’re a little bit hungry. Give them a feed every now and again with any tomato food. It’s nice and simple. Once every two or three weeks, when they’re in flower – that’ll keep them nice and healthy looking for the whole growing season.

There’s a whole range of Erysimum – purples, yellows, some two-tone varieties. The winter orchids are gorgeous little ones- they’re a fantastic range – and they’re also very versatile little plants – you can use them in pots or containers or out in the ground with very little care.

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