Welcome back to Curraghchase Garden Center. I want to show you today one of my favourite plants that will bring early spring colour into the garden. Very reliable plants with very little care needed – Hellebores.

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Hellebores come in many different varieties. One of my personal favourites is Frost Kiss Anna’s Red. In the video you will see the size of the flowers  –  for early spring they are beautiful out in the garden. As the flowers mature, you can “deadhead” them just by removing the old seed heads. Just pinch them out and she would keep sending up new shoots for the next couple of months

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Any of the old leaves, just nip them back down to the base with your secateurs, or you could just pinch them off. It helps to clean up the plant, removes the old leaf and shows off the beautiful flowers that you have for the rest of the spring.

Feel free to call in to Curraghchase Garden Centre and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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