Hi, Joy here from Curraghchase Garden Centre, today I’m going to show you three beautiful plants from our indoor range.

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P eace Lillies are a fantastic indoor plant, they’re a natural air purifier aswell as being pretty and easy to mind, because they tilt their flower heads to the side whenever they’re thirsty!

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Does Cordyline need much sunlight?

We have these really interesting indoor cordylines, which don’t look like the typical cordyline and have a really pretty trumpet-like flower. Give it a nice bright spot but make sure it’s not in direct sunlight for the best results.

Does Alocasia need much water?

Alocasia, commonly known as elephant ears, produces beautiful striking leaves. It needs minimal watering, once a week will do.

Of course this is just is a small selection of indoor plants available here in Curraghchase Garden Centre, just drop in to see our extensive range.

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