Welcome to Curraghchase Garden Centre. My name is Ray and I’m going to go through a few of the seed potato varieties we have on offer here.
We’re coming into early spring so now is the time to be thinking about varieties and getting your ground ready and getting a bit of prep done for your seed potatoes.

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Seed potatoes are broken up into three main categories – first and second ‘earlies’ and then your main crop. First ‘earlies’ that we supply are Home Guard. Second ‘earlies’ are British Queens and Maris Piper. *Please note we incorrectly mentioned these as first earlies in the video!* All of these you’ll be planting from March out until April.

Depending on the soil conditions, don’t rush it. Just because it says March on the tin – wait until the soil is right.

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Main Crops

You’ll be planting the main crop from late March to maybe early May, depending on the season. Main crops that we have here in the garden center are Rooster, Golden Wonders, Kerrpinks, Caras, (a very good, blight -resistant variety). Sarpo Mira are another good blight-resistant variety.

Main crops are  are harvested from September onwards.

Feel free to call in to Curraghchase Garden Centre and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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