Welcome back to Curraghchase Garden Centre.
Ray here just to give you a few pointers on seed sowing and some of the seed varieties that we have here in the Garden Centre.

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We’re now coming in to early spring, so it’s time to start thinking about what varieties you want to sow, what preparation you need to do to your beds, glasshouse, greenhouse tunnels, whatever you’re using to grow on your produce in.

if you’re only starting out with seed sowing, pick varieties that are easy to grow – that are simple, that don’t need a whole pile of expertise. It’s good for the confidence, and it’s good to show yourself that you can actually produce something that once you get going, then you could step up to maybe some of the harder varieties.

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Main Crops

For me personally, some of the easier ones to grow – we’ve got rocket, spinach and radish.  All of these you’ll be sowing from February, March and succession sowing throughout the year.

Some other good ones to start thinking about – you’ve got your carrots, spring onions –  a very good cropper – More radish and then – once you get more experienced – you can get into peas, beans, chards and cabbage.

Feel free to call in to Curraghchase Garden Centre and we’ll be happy to help with any questions you might have.

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